The 105th Squad puts all the hard work and skills of it's Engineers to use by supporting other charities. We engage our local communities by helping to raise funds and awareness for different charities. Nothing makes an Engineer feel quite as good as the smile on someone's face when we show up to make their day a bit brighter. 

While individual Engineers may be passionate about cosplay, photography, videography or supporting charities the group as whole lends each other the skills to push each other forward. Engineers in the 105th Squad are approachable and always willing to share their knowledge with others. The 105th Squad has locations called "Hives" where Engineers meet to work on projects together. Currently there is one in Durham, NC and Phoenix, AZ. Plans for other locations are already in the works. The 105th is also working towards opening a large facility to accommodate it's Engineers on a full time basis as well as to serve as a location for events.  

The Engineers of the 105th Squad definitely like to have fun. You can find 105th Engineers having a great time with the crowds at every convention or event we can. Among our favorite things are posing for pictures, hosting dinners, and other events that give the public a chance to talk face to face with the engineers that make great costumes! We always like to leave people with fond memories and a smile on their face. The 105th Squad engineers are such a diverse group of fans and artists. Because of the diversity within the group, anyone can find someone that they can connect with, learn from, and bounce ideas off of.