The 105th Squad is a costuming group formed for cosplayers by cosplayers.  This adventure started back in 2011 after our founding member, James, returned from a father and son trip to Star Wars Celebration V.  The experience was moving to say the least.  He could not decide if watching kids light up around these costumed fans was more amazing than the work that went into the costumes, or the costumes were more amazing than the impact it was having on everyone in attendance.

During his time at Celebration, James learned that there were many different costuming groups and each of the groups were about specific fandoms.  Upon returning, he decided to become part of this unique population.  Unfortunately, learning how to make a costume was not as easy as originally thought.  Who 

​would have thought that a group that made so many people happy and inspired to join would keep so many secrets and not be willing to share their expertise?  It is said that frustration is the mother of invention; the 105th Squad was born.

During this time of extremely large growth, more and more people were joining this little up and coming group.  The members had many skills that were not just in the field of Star Wars costuming.  This started the discussion of including a wider range of genres, including Anime, horror, SciFi, comics and much, much more.  The expansion catapulted the group to what it is today.  Our previously little group has now grown to almost 1200 members and has helped both amateur and veteran cosplayers learn new skills.  Our Engineers are made up of many talented artists, costumers, photographers, and videographers.

To date the 105th Squad has helped its Engineers meet the requirements to join many different costuming groups.  We have supported charities; including Leah’s Angels, Autism Society of NC, Diabetes, Brain Cancer, Chiari Malformation and others.  What makes this group so special is that everyone is willing to help anyone become better. The entire group thrives by working together under our ideals of Fun, Passion, Creativity and Charity.

What’s on the horizon for the 105th Squad?  This is an exciting time for us.  We have applied for and received our charity status.  During the upcoming months you will also notice that the 105th Squad will be hosting more workshops in response to membership needs.  We have also started fundraising for a new Hive location for workshops, builder space, photography/videography studio, and children’s programs.  Along with this, we are well on our way to completing the construction of the long awaited vacuum form table.  We are excited, and cannot wait to see what this year will bring us.